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If you have reached this page, you are wondering why we have just four posters. Read on, and you will wonder no more. At the bottom of this page you can suggest your favorite jazz and blues musicians for our upcoming posters. Your vote will determine our next poster subject. Really, it will.

So Why Just 4 Posters?

We print these posters ourselves, and we are devoted to producing quality posters --- posters that live up to the power of these legendary musicians. It is a labor of love, from people that are passionate about the music. Because The Jazz & Blues Masters is not our main business, all of the revenue from the posters goes back to the families of the musicians, to printing new posters, and to finding and making new images to be reproduced on future posters. We are a very small company. We publish just one poster each year. We published our first poster four years ago, and four years later, we have four posters.

We could easily feature hundreds of cheap posters on our site. The money would roll in, and we would make a huge profit. But we prefer quality over quantity. If you are in search of quantity, there are many web sites offering a large selection of cheap posters. For $9.95, they will sell you a poorly printed poster on wafer thin paper (complete with wrinkles, dents, and scratches) that will yellow and fade within a year or two. If you are looking for something to tack up on a dorm room wall, those cheap posters are definitely for you. If you are looking for something better at a very reasonable price, we've got your posters.

Our posters are gallery quality lithographic reproductions -- you will not find better. Compare one of our posters with the original photograph, and you will not be able to determine which is the photograph, and which is the poster. Of course, a high powered magnifying glass would reveal our secret, which involves the finest lithographic technique you will ever see. Our posters are printed on thick, acid-free paper. Properly framed, our posters will not yellow or fade, and will last indefinitely.

We choose our poster subjects based on customer requests, and we make just one poster of each musician. We have received a huge number of requests for Miles, Dizzy, Trane, and BB King, so you will find those artists on our current posters. We have also received many requests for Duke, Bird, Billie Holliday, and Satchmo, all of whom are strong considerations for the next poster.You can help us decide who will be featured on our next poster by voting for your favorite musicians below.

We are sincerely dedicated to the music, and to helping a new generation discover the power and the genius of legendary jazz and blues musicians. I hope that you now understand why our offerings are limited to a small number of posters. If you have comments or questions, please send me a message by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Mason Nathaniel
Founder,  Mason Editions


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